Jena Petrie | Settling In
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Settling In

Town Statue

Settling In

It’s now nine months since we moved from Central Otago in the South Island to the lower North Island. We’ve now lived in the North Island for nine months and it feels like home.

I’ve been gardening, enjoying the milder climate and the fact that I can now have plants flowering throughout winter. We’ve had very few frosts but a lot more rain.

Man, have we had rain! Bucket-loads of water in the space of only a few hours! And probably enough wind to supply more than our own requirements for power-except we don’t have it harnessed.


Still, we can hardly complain, after choosing to live close to the west coast.The difference in climate in the two areas is colossal. Our previous home was pretty much in between between the east and west coasts, and well east of the Southern Alps that collect most of the wind and rain on their western side.

Another advantage of living here is that there’s a writers group nearby. Now I enjoy getting together with other writers far more frequently than previoulsy, when it was just once a year at the annual Conference. You can check out my Writers’ page for information on our latest Conference, held last month.

And I’ve been working on my contemporary romance novel, trying to get it ready for self-publishing. Watch this space for more updates on my life and my writing.

Until next time.

Take care.