Jena Petrie | I’ve Shifted!
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I’ve Shifted!

moving house

I’ve Shifted!

Shifted house, shifted towns, shifted areas, shifted islands.
Why? you ask. What was wrong with where you lived before?
Absolutely nothing.
It was very picturesque, so great for my painting.
Inspiring, too, with a number of towns around; all different, all with great potential as settings for my stories.
But very few of our family members lived in the vicinity.
So my husband and I made the decision to move near them because in the long run, family is what’s important, right?

Good decision! We’re enjoying the closeness of the group and being within easy driving distance of so many family members. My husband is from around this area so to him it feels like being back home.

So now we live in an area that’s well-known for growing vegetables. It’s great being able to buy fresh produce from road-side stalls.

And as a bonus, I’m now close enough to a writing group to be able to attend their monthly meetings which I love already, after attending only two.

So watch this space for more news and photos of the area around my new home in the North Island. We’re now in another small town, this one positioned between the sea and mountains north of Wellington, New Zealand’s capital city.