Jena Petrie | Taking a Break
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Taking a Break

Me at Mt Maunganui

Taking a Break

Have you ever felt desperate for a break from your routine? This would include anything from the everyday slog of doing the same thing day after day, or perhaps from keeping to the same timetable, one day after another, then next week, next month…and so on.

You get my drift.

Well, that’s how it was for me a little while ago.

Fortunately, my husband and I had already planned a holiday in the North Island of our country, New Zealand. I’d done the bookings, planned the trip (roughly), and was (pretty much) good to go.

It was out of season so we hadn’t bothered booking accommodation which (mostly) was an asset since we had no idea what detours we might take, or how long they’d last. Rather than adding to our stress, on the whole it simplified matters because we were under no pressure to reach a target each day.

A relaxing week of touring through the Bay of Plenty and then Northland followed. We had a great time and I returned keen to get back into the story I was writing. While we were away I seldom thought of it, resting my imagination, my muse, or whatever you want to call it. Now I’m back to being busy, keen to finish and with new ideas once again popping into my brain.

Ah yes, breaks from work are very therapeutic. Good for the brain, and the body.

So, don’t ever deny yourself; take one whenever you’re stuck, especially if it’s inspiration you need.

Take a look at my Pinterest board Picturesque New Zealand for some wonderful views of New Zealand. Our trip sure helped me!