Jena Petrie | Handling Criticism
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Handling Criticism

Pick Yourself Back Up

Handling Criticism

A few days ago I received the results of a writing competition I’d entered and before you ask-no, I did not win. Didn’t final either, and my placing was a wee bit disappointing, to say the least.

So, what did I do?

What I had to do was learn from the experience. So I sat on the information and did nothing for a few days while my brain digested the criticism and advice from the judges, sorted through it all and started telling me how to react.

Result – take what was constructive and worthwhile and forget the rest-difficult at times, but it had to be done. No use stewing over judges’ misconceptions when it didn’t help and I couldn’t respond anyway.

Now I’m going through each judges’ comments, making changes wherever I see fit. Most, I agree with so making the alterations isn’t too difficult. My favourite is the advice of one judge to ditch the opening scene! Strangely enough, the original story had started with that second scene but I’d added another at the beginning, believing it would clarify the set-up. Apparently not, and since each judge found at least one fault in that opening scene I had no problem eliminating it.

The result should be a much better story.

Here’s hoping, anyway!