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Gold Medal Hero - Jena Petrie

New Book Out Now!

Gold Medal Hero

Threatened with dismissal, newspaper reporter Bailey Stoddart hopes a story on Olympic gold medal rower Connor Freeman will prove to her boss she doesn’t need to write gossip to produce interesting articles.

Except this national hero doesn’t give interviews, not since the euphoria from his Olympic win faded and reduced his enthusiasm for rowing. Gorgeous Bailey is involved in his sport and has enough eagerness for them both, so could she renew his passion?

Past experience has taught Bailey to be wary of sportsmen on a personal level but Connor’s attraction grows. But will convincing her to stay and support him prove more challenging than winning his Olympic gold medal?

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Stories of heart-warming relationships & unexpected love,
set in the wild beauty of New Zealand landscapes

About Jena’s Writing

Most of the stories I write are contemporary romances, splattered with conflict before the hero and heroine resolve their differences and realize and confess their love.

The characters are ordinary, everyday people, living normal lives and facing problems that any single person might face in today’s world.

There are stories where the hero antagonizes the heroine and she finds herself battling against the odds, trying to prove her worth and the strength of her convictions.

Sometimes the characters have met earlier in their lives. Now they’ve changed, their circumstances are different and they find love where it never was before.

Some stories involve kids, helping or hindering the budding romance.

The conflict and the way the characters react will keep you guessing until near the end of the story, wondering how these two will ever resolve their differences.

Jena Petrie
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Fellow Writers

A writer’s work is never without its inspirations, and in my case I owe thanks, in part, to the community of people who provide guidance, workshops, and support through the Romance Writers of New Zealand organisation.